Alphabetical list of Phonemes (from ARPAbet)


          aa                    odd         	aa d
          ae                    at          	ae t
          ah                    hut         	hh ah t
          ao                    ought       	ao t
          aw                    cow         	k aw
          ay                    hide        	hh ay d
          b                     be          	b iy
          ch                    cheese      	ch iy z
          d                     dee         	d iy
          dh                    thee        	dh iy
          eh                    ed          	eh d
          er                    hurt        	hh er t
          ey                    ate         	ey t
          f                     fee         	f iy
          g                     green       	g r iy n
          hh                    he          	hh iy
          ih                    it          	ih t
          iy                    eat         	iy t
          jh                    gee         	jh iy
          k                     key         	k iy
          l                     lee         	l iy
          m                     me          	m iy
          n                     knee        	n iy
          ng                    ping        	p ih ng
          ow                    oat         	ow t
          oy                    toy         	t oy
          p                     pee         	p iy
          r                     read        	r iy d
          s                     sea         	s iy
          sh                    she         	sh iy
          t                     tea         	t iy
          th                    theta       	th ey t ah
          uh                    hood        	hh uh d
          uw                    two         	t uw
          v                     vee         	v iy
          w                     we          	w iy
          y                     yield       	y iy l d
          z                     zee         	z iy
          zh                    seizure     	s iy zh er

          all = ['aa','ae','ah','ao','aw','ay','b','ch','d','dh','eh','er','ey','f','g','hh','ih','iy','jh', 'k','l', 'm','n','ng','ow','oy','p','r','s','sh','t','th','uh', 'uw','v','w','y','z','zh']