Note: All functions in ReLexicon can now be accessed via RiTa.*


The core 'dictionary' (or lexicon) for the RiTa tools.

Contains ~40,000 words augmented with phonemic and syllabic data, as well as a list of valid parts-of-speech for each. The lexicon can be extended and/or customized for additional words, usages, or pronunciations.

Also equipped with implementations of a variety of matching algorithms (min-edit-distance, soundex, anagrams, alliteration, rhymes, looks-like, etc.) based on combinations of letters, syllables, phonemes, and stresses.

Note: If you wish to modify or customize the lexicon (e.g., add words, or change pronunciations) you can do so directly, by editing the included 'rita_dict.js' file, or programatically, via addWord() and removeWord().

Note: For performance, the data for RiLexicon is shared in a single location for ALL created instances

lexicon = new RiLexicon();

similars = lexicon.similarBySound("cat");

rhymes = lexicon.rhymes("cat");
Platform Java / Javascript