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Exhibited at thailand new media arts festival 2005


'bugout' is an interactive sound-environment based upon principles of reversible/energy-free computation. By adding & removing 'agents', each of which follow a simple rule set [above right], users affect a wide range of parameters in the resulting composition. Sound, created via real-time synthesis, occurs on collisions between agents as they follow their algorithmic trajectories. While compositions begin in simplistic fashion, underlying the work is a complex model that, theoretically, enables energy-free computation. At its core, the work attempts to create a dynamic & expressive system in which notions of computation as sterile or lifeless are challenged & the creative potential of generative algorithms is foregrounded.



When the application begins, 4 randomly placed agents will be moving on the grid, causing sounds when they collide. the following actions will affect the simulation: click on the grid to add single agents; use the [bumper], [mirror], & [sgate] buttons to add 'static' structures; use the eraser-tool to remove agents. To change speed & direction of the simulation, the following actions are available: click the [step] or [back] buttons to update one frame at a time; use the [reverse] button to reverse the simulation, & the slider at bottom to control the tempo.