'Replacing browser ads with generative language...'

AdLiPo, by Daniel C. Howe

2014, Browser Addon / Custom Software

AdLiPo is a browser plugin that replaces advertisements with generated language art. Leveraging the ad-detection techniques of popular ad-blockers, AdLiPo not only blocks ads, but replaces them with calls to Javascript code that fills the advertising regions of pages with text created in real-time. AdLiPo doesn't replace every ad, but instead makes careful selections to pique your interest. Check out the live examples above or ...

Install for Chrome (beta v0.48)

* Note:   The current version of AdLiPo will automatically install AdBlock. If you are using another adblocker, you will need to disable it. Also, on some platforms, you may need to restart your browser after installing

Daniel C. Howe (daniel@rednoise.org) is an artist, writer, & critical technologist. He lives in Hong Kong & New York.