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Brown University  ::  CSCI1950.C ::  Spring 2010

Sponsored by the Brown CS dept. and RISD Digital+Media

A project-oriented course designed for writers, visual artists, musicians, filmmakers, and programmers wishing to explore new ways of integrating text in digital art. Projects may include everything from hypertext to animation to sound poetry to SMS narrative to computer-generated text to installations and beyond. Lab time will focus on developing the minimal set of basic programming skills required for aesthetic expression in digital media. Collaboration is encouraged. Written permission required.

Instructor: Daniel C. Howe
Email: dhowe ( at ) rednoise.org
Home: https://rednoise.org/daniel
About the Instructor
Daniel C. Howe is a digital artist and researcher whose work explores the intersections of literature, computation, and procedural art practice. He recently received his PhD (on generative literary systems) from the Media Research Lab at NYU and was awarded a 'Computing Innovations' fellowship from the National Science Foundation for 2009-2010. He currently resides in Providence, RI where he teaches at Brown and RISD, and is a resident artist at AS220.

Instructor: Daniel C. Howe



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