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   "the making of art is not about fucking up somebody’s day on their way to work...
it is about fucking up their whole life"
--Lawrence Weiner

Final Projects (links)

FireFly Browser by Lucia, Megan and Thomas All Firefly websites are best viewed in Fireflybrowser.

FireFly Browser

FireFly Home

FireFly Letter to the Boss

FireFlyBrowser @ sourceforge for download

-"https://fireflybrowser.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fireflybrowser" is the SVN-Eclipse download directory

FireFly Overview

FireFly Mockups

Context Free Weather Forecast by Wenjun Wang , Diem Tran

Final Sketch




Project website (Link might be available after 2-3 days due to CS department filesystem error

Distraction by Claire Kwong


©omputer by G.G.


The Loop by Angela Ferraiolo

The Loop

'Spoetry'' by Fiona Condon


Source Code & Grammar Files

Storytelling through Motion by Jak Koning and Miranda Steele

Storytelling through Motion

concentio literarum by Edrex Fontanilla

concentio literarum

Are you reading this? by Jack Flintermann

Are you reading this?

Previous Ideas:

Censored.cn by Lucia censored.cn

Advertisement & Anonymity by Thomas Etienne Advertisement & Anonymity

Google Knows You? by Megan Hugdahl Google Knows You?

Instructor: Daniel C. Howe



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