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Publishing Your Processing Assignments

Step #1:

From the Processing menu, select File->Export to create an 'applet' directory for your sketch. Test the index.html file inside this directory by double-clicking it; it should open and run in a web-browser (e.g., firefox). If it doesn't run as expected, debug using the Java Console.

Note: if you're using Eclipse, you can use the Proclipsing plugin to generate your applet and/or application.

Step #2:

Rename the folder so that it contains both your name and the project name (jane_doe_assignment1, for example). Avoid using spaces or punctuation in the name (this is generally good practice.)

Step #3:

Upload your sketch to a server (e.g. dm.risd.edu/~janedoe/public_html/sketches), using an SFTP program (e.g. fetch or cyberduck.) If you don't have access to server space for your sketches, let the TA know right away and we will make arrangements.

SFTP programs for Windows and Mac.

Step #4: Test it (again) by visiting the sketch on the web. Following our example, this would be: http://dm.risd.edu/~janedoe/sketches/jane_doe_assignment1/ . Again, debug as necessary via the Java Console.

* Note: if you get an 'access denied' error in the browser, first check that you have typed the URL correctly (it is case-sensitive!) Next check permissions on the directory containing you sketch (using the SFTP program or the terminal); these should read at least 775 for both the directory & the files within.

** Note: if you see a SecurityException in the Java Console, make sure that your program is not attempting to do things not allowed in the Java security model, e.g, reading/writing local files or accessing servers/websites in a different domain (see AppletSigning for ways of getting around this).

Instructor: Daniel C. Howe



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