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 [a sampling...]
  • Bit.Fall - A nice text-based physical installation by Julian Propp
  • Scribble (video) - Audio/video performance programming, Levin, Shakar, etc.
  • Evolving Virtual Creatures (video) - Karl Sims' evolutionary programming in 3D worlds
  • SodaPlay - Construct virtual characters and for a virtual/physical world
  • CodeProfiles - B. Paley's self-tracing Java code
  • Auto-Fixing Words - A series of flash-based kinetic texts by Jared Tarbell
  • 10^14 Sonnets - A web-interface for Queneau's classic recombinant text
  • Dreamlife of Letters - A nice example of kinetic poetry by B.K. Stefans
  • We Feel Fine - J. Harris's web-scraping and text-mining work
  • Algorithmic Montage 2: A Walk with David Bohm - A Nice example of Crawford's stop-motion work with spoken text)
  • 2002: a palindrome story - A story that reads the same way forwards and back
  • Alternumerics - Electronic writing as font design, taking over your keyboard
  • Bembo's Zoo - A perennial favorite, shows what you can do with just letterforms as material
  • Carnival Web version of Steve McCaffery's epic concrete poem from the 70s
  • Cedars Estate - Nice collaboration between poet Robert Fitterman and graphic designer Dirk Rowntree
  • Daria - Illustrated poems out of a web search of text and image
  • Electric Sheep Comix - Brings the standard idea of "comix" to the internet age
  • Get a Google Poem - Writes a poem (sonnets, sestinas, etc) based on Google searches
  • jodi.org - A 'situationist' web project that finds a hundred different ways to take over your computer
  • midipoet - An application created by Eugenio Tisselli for designing animated poems
  • Mouchette - A sort of internet classic that is difficult to explain
  • News Reader / Regime Change - Two pieces that construct gothic narratives out of the day's news
  • Nobody's Here - Nice interactive poem in three languages by Jogchem Niemandsverdriet
  • Prize Budget for Boys - Nuttiness from the irreverent duo, including "pac-mondrian"
  • Soft Cinema - Lev Manovich's explorations in generative video
  • Sunshine69 - Billed as the "web's first interactive novel"
  • The Carl Comics - Choose your own adventure style comics by the "aristotle of comics," Scott McCloud
  • Voiceover - "Take lines from 5,000 film trailers and posters.sort into a narrative script..."
  • Young-Hae Chang & Heavy Industries - Classic text-based movies in multiple languages

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