《春夜宴桃李園序》 by 李白Li Po

《春夜宴桃李園圖》 by 冷枚Leng Mei

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The RiTa Library and p5.js

Shan Shui by Chen Qianxun 

​醉詠詩Zui Yong Shi

by Yang  Jen

《醉 詠詩Zui Yong Shi》 is a multi-media artwork that generates Chinese WuYan JueJu poetry and pentatonic melody to pair with the poetry. The poetry matches most of the strict rules of WuYan JueJu poetry and the melody follows the Chinese pentatonic scale.


“醉詠詩” means the poetry of singing intoxicatingly or to intoxicatingly sing poetries. I was inspired by the article 《春夜宴桃李園序》 by famous Chinese poet 李白Li Po. In the article, 李白Li Po expresses his feelings of enjoying the present by writing down the condition of he and his friends gathering together to drink, write poetries and sing. He views this as a desirable way to enjoy life. Thus, I created this artwork as a representation of the status of Li Po and his friends' gathering.

The painting is a painting by 冷枚Leng Mei also inspired by 《春夜宴桃李園序》. It also recreates the scene of 李白Li Po and his friends' gathering.

All of the words are carefully selected to complement others.  Not only do the combinations make sense but the words also create quite beautiful and poetic lines. Combined with the melody and flow, you can actually sing it. 

I used the RiTa library with p5.js for this project. My source code and grammar file are linked under references above.