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A project-oriented workshop exploring programming techniques for digital art and literature. Lectures will address aesthetic, conceptual, and technical concerns arising at the intersection of software design and artistic practice. Assignments and projects will focus primarily on textual media, but will also address sound, image, video, 3D, and installation.

    RISD #:  D+M 7034
    Brown #:  CSCI 1950.C
    Semester:  Spring 2010
    Instructor:  Daniel C. Howe

Students will be expected to arrive on time to all sessions, complete all assignments, and actively contribute to class critiques and discussion. Assignments should be posted online with detailed documentation in advance of class each week. More than one unexcused absence and you risk failing the class.


[An article on the course from the Conduit]

'The ideas need not be complex. Most ideas that are successful are ludicrously simple. Successful ideas generally have the appearance of simplicity because they seem inevitable.' -Sol Lewitt

Instructor: Daniel C. Howe



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