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PRESS: ‘Trends Of The Year’, Creative Review Selection – News/Events

PRESS: ‘Trends Of The Year’, Creative Review Selection

January 16, 2020 - Uncategorized

The good folks at Creative Review have included my work in their ‘Trends of the Year: Creativity & Tech’ list for 2019. Unfortunately tit’s behind a paywall, the article is behind a paywall, but we’ve managed to extract a paragraph in relation to our work creating synthesized personas with AI tech. Here’s an excerpt:

“Elsewhere artists Bill Posters & Daniel Howe messed with our minds via a series of deep fake videos which featured names from Mark Zuckerberg to Kim Kardashian to Morgan Freeman. As usual, the films highlighted that we have a lot to worry about in terms of control. “ These new technologies – whether it’s AI, forms of generative video or audio, or deeper machine learning processes that underpin them – are impossible to control.That’s very clear. The truth is a multitude. We’re in a situation where it’s very, very difficult to ascertain what is real and what isn’t. This deep fake discourse forms part of a broader kind of critique of a tension that exists at the moment, about how meaning is created; what’s mediated to us and from which actors and which sources.”

If you have a CR account, you can read the full Trends of the Year: Creativity & Tech article here.